Patterns for Learning

                Liz Aspeling’s

Listening and Language
Patterns for Parents

 Making learning effective through improved

listening and language skills.

  • Parent coaching in listening and language skills – helping your child to concentrate, and follow instructions.
  • Guiding your planning for successful outcomes in reading, writing and communication skills.
  • Practical ideas to include in your daily routines.
  • Giving a ‘big picture’ perspective about the school’s expectations and how to bridge any gaps.

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when next course will commence.

Participant Comments

"We would highly recommend the course that Liz is offering.  The course enabled us to provide our children with the support necessary to facilitate optimum learning and participation.

We also found that it opened a dialogue within the family that has helped everyone to have their own voice.  It provided the family with very simple techniques and loads of ideas which we are still implementing and enjoying. 

The “10 golden minutes” is a firm favourite which really helped us all to bond and was very easy to fit into the hectic days of the modern child.  We  enjoyed the weekly sessions with a lively, loving group of parents who are attempting to provide their kids with the best future possible. And all was learnt with a great deal of humour!"

“Now I have been equipped with tools that I didn’t know I had, to make sure my child goes in the right direction.” 

Gandhi: Live and Learn

Workshop Content

  1. Listening: basic concentration, self-control and following instructions.
  2. Listening: auditory perception towards improving literacy skills.
  3. Language: receptive language and development of thinking skills.
  4. Language: expressive language and verbal interactions.
  5. Application of course material to your situation.  Q&A Workshop, Problem-solving: De Bono's 6 Hats

An interactive, dynamic five-part series aimed at parents.

Couples should seriously consider attending together.

“What will your course do for me?”

 What you will learn on the course is not Rocket Science but has the same power to move you forward.

“Why should we both attend?”

Co-ordinated effort makes planning desired outcomes easier.